What do we do?

Our business model mainly consists of creating products and services that can be used by our clients to make profit. We then make profit by selling these items to our clients. As a result we can use this revenue to invest into our own products and services. Simply put, we are an intermediary for our clients to profit from, while we do the same.

Our Experience

We have been in business since March 2020. This provides us with over 2 years of experience. We have served more then 700 customers, and have made more then $200k in revenue 2020 alone. Our feedback is currently at 5/5 stars, and we have received over 100 reviews.

Products and services

We are a software company based in the Netherlands. We offer products and services which are mainly used to create a passive income. We offer automation tools that can artificially increase views, streams, likes, followers, or else on your content. By doing this you will earn revenue from the specified platform. You may discover more information below.

Krimnizo Bots

Botting software, perfected by experience and dedication. With the support that you come to expect, fast and friendly.

We have engineered the finest automation tools, to maximize your revenue. Our tools have been used for years, and are made to be user-friendly.

Our latest offering has just been launched in alpha. Multiple users have already been paid out using it, and so have we.

Our tools require very little investment to get started with. Want to know more? Press the button below.

Krimnizo Mods

There are two sides to this business. Personal use and business.

Want to own every item in your favorite game without the grind? You can purchase our services to boost your account with levels, camo’s and more!

Sounds good? What if I tell you it can get even better. What if, you can make revenue while playing your favorite game! It requires little to no investment, and can make some serious cash.

You can resell our services or host them yourself to others interested in them. As long as you can find customers, we can provide the required services for you!

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Our team



Software developer and pentester.


Software developer and engineer.



Full stack developer and self-taught pentester.

Different departments, for separate businesses!

We value solid customer support and this has given us a very good reputation. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, here.