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This page is mostly intended for ATS 3 since it is the most profitable version. The monthly subscription includes all versions: ATS, ATS II and ATS III.


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Average Compounded Profit Per Month
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Tradingview Backtesting (default settings)

Our strategy will deliver the performance listed above straight out of the box! There is absolutely no experience required and the setup is very beginner friendly. The process is extremely easy and only takes about 15m for the entire thing. When done, the strategy will operate completely on it’s own. Everything has been automated.

You do not have to use Tradingview, only if you would like to view the strategy on your chart. We send signals through, by using these you will always receive the most up to date trades. Not to mention it lowers monthly costs since you no longer need Tradingview, and simplifies the setup process.

We strive to provide the absolute best performance with consistency while minimizing risk. We ourselves are heavily invested into this strategy.

ATS III has been designed to provide live results as close to backtesting performance as possible. The strategy is not overfitted, which will highly improve odds to remain profitable without any adjustments.

Every detail of our strategy is customizable and all settings can be adjusted. We want to offer our clients the best performance while still giving them control.

Our strategy combines more then 10 indicators to filter the best trades only. All of these indicators can be adjusted and toggled on or off. Those that are not comfortable with the default risk can adjust the strategy to lower risk, while sacrificing some profitability.

This also assures our strategy can be profitable on pretty much every asset!

Although it is recommended to use this strategy on Bitcoin, it can be used on practically any financial asset. It may require some setting adjustments but some assets will be profitable even on default settings. This all while it is optimized to trade on Bitcoin only!

All for currently only €79,99 a month.

Some screenshots of our own live testing performance.

Although we are very confident in our strategy, you acknowledge all risk by using it and understand that this is entirely up to you.