How do I start botting?

  1. First off you will need to upload songs onto Spotify. Makes sense right? You can use songs you’ve produced, copyright free content, purchased songs, whatever you like. Just make sure they get approved. Stealing copyrighted content probably won’t work for this. You will do this using a distributor, you can pick one from the list below.
  2. Once your songs have been uploaded successfully, and make sure to check. You will need only a few more things. For one you will obviously need the bot. You can purchase a subscription here. You will also need a PC or server. Preferably a server, so that you can leave the bot to run at all times, making more profit while also making it easier for you. And you will need residential proxies. Among other reasons, it’s required so that the location of your listeners seems real, and spread out. We can give you recommendations for both things after purchase through our Discord.
  3. Got everything you need? You are ready to set up the bot. Instructions will be provided with your subscription. If you need help setting up, you can use our priority customer support through our Discord.
  4. Check through your distributor or Spotify for Artists if the streams are being counted by Spotify after a few days of using the bot. This is to make sure that everything is working correctly.
  5. After 3-4 months you should be paid out by your distributor. Enjoy your passive income :).

Distributor list