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For more information on e.g. Spotify botting itself, click it below. For more information on the bots themselves, click them specifically.

How could this earn me money?

All bots come down to the same thing. You are artificially increasing the amount of streams or views on your own content. By doing so the platform will eventually pay you for these streams or views. For most platforms, like Spotify, you will have to use some sort of middleman to upload your songs. This is called a distributor. They will receive your payout from the platform, which they will then send to you.

There is however, another way to earn money using bots. This is called playlisting, I have to note that this does not exist on every platform. The gist of it is to bot someone else’s content, and in return they will pay you. This does not have to stop at just streams or views. You can also do this for followers, likes etc. The main benefit is a faster payout and no hassle to upload your own content. However the first method is safer as it gives you more control and certainty. You also do not have to rely on customers.