SS Ace Update v1.0.2.9

Hey everyone.

I have just updated SS Ace to v1.0.2.9! There are quite a few fixes in this update including a very nice performance boost.

-Added Spotify useragent
-Added image blocking
-Added some extra spoofing
-Decreased RAM usage of Spotify apps by roughly 20-50%
-Decreased CPU usage with a significant amount

Please switch to the new auth if you have not already. This is not a new auth update, but a notice for the same one as before, if you already use v1.0.2.4 or above you this does not apply to you. You may eventually lose access if you do not try to switch! Contact support to get your new license. We would like to switch everyone off v1.0.2.3 and below asap.

Updates v1.0.2.7/v1.0.2.8 were auth related and there will be no changelog post for these as they are very small.

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