SS Ace Update v1.0.2.6

Hey everyone.

SS Ace has just been updated to v1.0.2.6. I highly recommend everyone currently using the program to switch to this version, it includes a huge fix. The so called ‘proxy leak’ issue is completely fixed!

Some users were having issues where streams did not count on the Spotify for Artist page. Some were also having issues where the country of the proxy was not shown in stats, but instead the country of the device. Both of these issues should be fixed by this update, however I cannot be certain about the first issue being resolved for everyone since other factors can influence it as well.

-Fixed an issue where streams would not count for some users
-Fixed an issue where proxies would not always be in use
-Fixed an issue where a proxy’s country would not be shown in stats but instead device location

Please switch to the new auth if you have not already. You may eventually lose access if you do not try to switch! Contact support to get your new license. We would like to switch everyone off v1.0.2.3 and below asap.

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