SS Ace Update v1.0.2.3 & v1.0.2.4

Hey everyone,

I have just posted update Our auth system has been updated. Everyone will need their old licenses or order information to get a new one.

You can keep using version for now if your licenses have not been transferred yet, please contact support to receive a new one. If you cannot wait, do not switch versions until you receive your new license.

It will be required to fully re-download the program using the ‘’ file. Contact support if you have lost access to this link.

Auth Changes
-Device limit can be set per key, multiple keys will no longer be necessary
-Registering will no longer be necessary
-Login only requires your key, usernames and passwords will no longer be used

This is not the massive update yet, just an auth update. The big update is still in development.

The changes made in v1.0.2.3 are not fully known, a changelog containing these might be posted later.

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